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Live Photos: Lowell @ The Drake

By: Sheena Lyonnais December 5, 2013


There is something captivating about Lowell, the Toronto singer who recently signed with Arts & Crafts. She'll be releasing her first album through the label next year, the follow-up to her magical debut, If You Can, Solve This Jumble--the album she released with UK supergroup Apparatjik. Lowell's performance at the Drake on Tuesday was a preview of what's to come, dreamy tracks paired with an unmistakable energy that is both alluring and sweet. I once claimed that Lowell has the potential to become huge, and after her performance this week I stand by my proclamation. With Arts & Crafts backing her here in Canada, and an already seasoned following overseas, she is positioning herself to become a key player in the scene. The crowd at the Drake was clearly into the performance, which was both powerful and funny at times. Here are a few photos we managed to snap of Lowell and her homage to cheerleading and the Leafs. 

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Sheezer Prove Frighteningly Fun At Lee's Palace

By: Peter B. Counter November 1, 2013

Sheezer(photo by Emma Dawn

Sheezer hosted a Halloween bash at Lee’s Palace last night, bringing out the '90s in everyone: Enzo from Reboot, Wayne, Garth, Daria, and five velociraptors - all showing their support for some good, old-fashioned Weezer worship.

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Indie Week Report Card: TJ Hollywood @ The Rivoli 100%

By: Andrea Holz October 29, 2013

TJHollywood PressLandscapeWeb72ppi

Sound 5/5

Love the classic 80s dance punk sound. They did a fantastic cover of Corey hart’s “Sunglasses at Night.” They were loud, wild and an absolute delight. The mini guitar made a huge sound filling the entire space. And TJ Hollywood (vocals) gave a thorough and exciting sound pairing perfectly with the beat.

Performance 5/5

Great energy, only two of them but they really used the whole space. “Olde Fashioned Dance off” is a super fun song that makes you want to dance. In fact the guitarist, Luke Vegas, hopped into the audience adding excitement. They both were great showmen.

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Indie Week Report Card: The Ascot Royals @ Rivoli 80%

By: Erin Fahy October 29, 2013

The Ascot Royals

Sound 4/5

One of my faves; The Ascot Royals are layered guitar rock at its finest, amazing vocals and amazing songs. They are engineered to make me dance.

Performance 5/5

They were on at 2 am but it felt like 11 pm, high energy and lots of fun. Their cover of Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls” I attribute to my sore knees the next day. Their set was perfect.

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Indie Week Report Card: Craig James Laur @ Free Times Café 100%

By: Andrea Holz October 29, 2013

Craig James Laur Band

Sound 5/5
The sound was moving.  Soft beautiful acoustics with gritty enchanting vocals.  The sound fills the room with simple ensemble.  The percussionist proved to be resourceful and wildly talented.  The band successfully worked with the space available rocking out on a Cajon Drum and a tambourine instead of a classic drum kit you would normally see in the kind of genre.  To be honest I preferred them lightening up with the percussion.  The room was rather small so I think anything larger would have been too intense.  The entire band shared emotion on all the songs.  They all work really well together. 
Performance 5/5

Though the room was small they used all resources creating a warm intimate relationship with the audience.  The transition between songs were very smooth and they really kept the attention of the audience.  The band is more than proficient on their instruments.  I especially love their onstage chemistry with each other.  They all did their part not solely relying on their lead vocalist to bring the performance they all looked in the zone.  So refreshing. 

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