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Album Review: Rose Brokenshire - Seeds You Grow

By: Myles Herod October 3rd, 2013

As summer fades to fall, the sounds of Rose Brokenshire's 4-track EP, Seeds You Grow, compliment the seasonal transition fittingly, unfurling into a warm blanket of pop for the imminent frost to come.
At the core of each track, Brokenshire's honey-sweet voice drips without any saccharine residue, peaking through a cloud of sadness as she searches for comfort and reflection. Despite the delicate arrangements and her natural, sleepy-eyed croon, Seeds You Grow never feels downtrodden - in fact, it's quite the contrary. 
Take for instance "Back Around", a send-off to a presumed past love that sees her assured, yet simple lyrics countered with a flicker of handclaps and spry guitar work, culminating nicely as she proclaims, "And I wish you well, and out of town!"  
Clocking in at under 15 minutes, the Toronto native has crafted a collection of charming vignettes, seemingly home-spun in size, but affecting in conviction and sunny musicianship. Neither overtly serious or sentimental, Seeds You Grow may very well leave a smile on your face, and Rose Brokenshire as an artist to watch out for.  
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