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Album Review: Brodie Dakin - An Audience w/ The Winter Wolves

By: Shannon Bryan December 6, 2013

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Toronto singer/songwriter Brodie Dakin offers his first solo full length album, An Audience w/ The Winter Wolves, a unique project that brings together a number of musicians to fill each track. Jazz bass, guitar, keys and trumpet all make appearances, lending a variety of different styles to the 10-song album.

The songs jump around in a confusing order, leading-in with an almost-ambient sound in the opening cut "Lion's Pride." At first listen, I would have saved this album for a long, wintry night, as the title might suggest. After taking more time with it, it seems to veer down too many avenues, trying to fit too much onto one's plate.

"Through the Marsh," the stand-alone instrumental, is by far the album's standout. Musically beautiful, its ambience is something that could be played on repeat, and in turn, shows where Brodie's talents lie. Unfortunately, his singing lacks depth, potentially leaving one wanting more, burying this gem deep on the disc. I'd love to hear more from Brodie Dakin, with a balance shifted more towards "songwriter" and less "singer."


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